Welcome to our new website

Written by Jose A. Milan.

Hello, and welcome to mi new website.


Right now the article number is small, I beg you for a couple of weeks in order to move the existing articles from my old websites and from the backups of the post-mortem articles of my own projects and from the projects I participate in the past. With some free time and a little luck they will be here soon.


As soon as I have this task finished I will start publishing programing articles, but practices in projects managements (most of them learn the hard way) and some ideas I have in my head.


I´m going to request permission form my current contractor in order to talk, not in much details, about the project I´m working right now, and I plan to enter into details about the previous one (Fantastic League).


If you notice a slow update on the content of the site, please don´t hold you breath, I´m quite short of time lately, but it will be here sooner than later.

I hope you find the future articles interesting


Best regards:

Jose A. Milan